“I think that in the beginning of my vocation, there is the fascination for nature, for its shapes and colors, continuously metamorphosis.

My work as an art designer and cabinetmaker is to capture those that particularly affect me to give them a short life in a dimension object. “

Loïc Kerisel, furniture designer.

loickeriselFascinated from a young age by the woodwork, Loïc Kerisel, bathed in a scientific and industrial family environment, is moving quickly towards craftsmanship.
After a short course of traditional higher education, forms with different master craftsmen in the restoration of antique furniture and furniture design.
He then discovered the delicacy of the work and the extreme that the artisans of the seventeenth and eighteenth century knew make to the creation of their works carefully. He learned the techniques and secrets and some 24 years he founded his first workshop in Paris. A few years later, it extends its operations by opening a new space in Boulogne Billancourt. During this period, he trained many apprentices and is decorated with the title twice by the Chamber of Trade Hauts de Seine.
Daily contact with exceptional works reinforce his passion for elegant shapes, rare species and actually preciousness of what constitutes French Heritage furniture. Over the years, he became aware of the void left by these craftsmen and felt rising in him the need to revive this know-how for new works.
That’s what this line will born original furniture comprising three collections: “Organic”, “Volumes”, “Infinite”, and a range of children’s furniture.
Resolutely modern, it reflects the personality of Loïc Kerisel. Forms he draws are largely inspired by nature, the search for serenity and energy brought by the different woods.
In his workshop du Faubourg Saint Antoine, it produces essentially unique pieces to order. He works with designers and sells its production to passionate amateurs.

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