palissandreThe term includes rosewood different wood species, genus Dalbergia, growing in the tropics, including Brazil, India, America and Madagascar. Rosewoods have a very dense wood, very hard and resistant to moisture and vermin, which can have different colors. His great qualities both mechanical and aesthetic made him a much sought from the eighteenth century to achieve particularly high-end furniture and musical instruments wood.


noyerSeveral species of walnut are grown for their fruit, some are also grown for their wood, walnut is traditionally sought for this purpose, both in cabinet for the manufacture of other products, including rifle butts. The wood of black, dense and heavy walnut, is also popular although a darker color.


nacreThe nacre is the lining of some mollusk shells, biosynthesized by the mantle and composed of aragonite crystals and conchyoline iridescent. It is a long desired product for decoration, inlay, jewelry making or buttons.

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